This blog is about using medical education technology at the University of Kansas School of Medicine. Up-to-date posts provide the latest information for students and faculty. Contact Mark Eaton or Christina Magnifico in the Office of Medical Education with questions or comments.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Redesign of the KU School of Medicine Technology Website

The University of Kansas Office of Medical Education is updating technology guides and other information for end-users in the medical education undergraduate program. Resources are located at the School of Medicine Education Technologies website to improve the student experience in a BYOD environment. It will become a support site for students and faculty.

Here are highlights of the resources now available.

Go to medical student technology checklistThe medical student technology checklist displays all the required and technology options students will need to be successful in the program.

Frequently asked questions that many students have are provided to help with the most pressing needs.

Medical technology and software applications is a list of all the computer assets students will use in the program.

Technology guides & tutorials are how-to resources on the technologies required for learning activities.

Technology resources is the index location for all resource pages and links.

Medical Education Technology Blog is a shortcut from the main KUMC website to this blog.

Students, faculty, and staff who have suggestions for the technology website and this blog may contact Mark Eaton or Christina Magnifico in the Office of Medical Education.