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Friday, June 12, 2015

Podcast Ambassadors

Each academic year we offer paid student work study positions as Podcast Ambassadors. Students who are enrolled in the University of Kansas medical program on the KUMED campus in Kansas City are eligible for a limited number of positions.

Two Podcast Ambassadors from each class year directly support the faculty in their own course modules.

Work Study Position Description

Department: Office of Medical Education

Description of Duties: A student worker downloads faculty presentations from document libraries to the instructor computer for the day's lectures in a specific course module. Just prior to a lecture, the student worker runs a TechSmith Relay test recording and sets up the recording using standard naming conventions including their own initials. Student workers contact TLT support staff in the event of a recording problem. They set up the Reef Polling program on days when needed by faculty. The student worker introduces them self to the faculty when they arrive for class. They give the wireless microphone to the faculty member for the lecture and collect it back at the end of the lecture. They complete the recording process at the end of the lecture by submitting it to the TechSmith Relay program and they assist the Office of Medical Education in sharing podcast links with other students.

Job qualifications: Familiarity with computers

Supervisor: Supervision is through the Program Director for Medical Education Technology in the Office of Medical Education. Training and support are through TLT, TLT-Media, and the Program Director for Medical Education Technology.

Compensation: $8.00/hour (depending on the lecture schedule annual earnings are between $1,400 and  $1,700)

Hours: Each class has two Podcast Ambassadors. At least one of the two will need to be present during School of Medicine lectures and hours are dependent on the number of lectures scheduled during the week. The class Podcast Ambassadors may arrange their schedules with each other to ensure that all lectures are covered. Time entry is managed and approved by the Program Director for Medical Education Technology.

If you are an enrolled student in the KU School of Medicine and you are interested in the position, please contact Mark Eaton, Ph.D. in the Office of Medical Education for more information about becoming a Podcast Ambassador.