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Monday, July 6, 2015

Medical Education Libraries on SharePoint

Beginning with the Class of 2019 we are using SharePoint libraries for course content rather than uploading materials to JayDocs. We think the end-user experience, especially with searching for content, will greatly improve for students.

There are currently four libraries: module materials like PowerPoint presentations and Word doc overview sheets, links to lecture podcasts, other media types, and the student share. SOM2019 students can access and download documents from all of the libraries and contribute to/edit content in the student share.

The easiest way to access the collection of libraries from within JayDocs is to open the course page by clicking the course title at the top of the calendar and then click Medical School SharePoint Libraries of Course Materials.

JayDocs link to libraries
Click image to enlarge.

Medical Education Libraries of Course Materials
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This will display a new window with the collection of libraries as shown on the right.

Module Materials and Student Share are document libraries while Podcasts and Media are link lists. Both use meta-tags so that you can filter on things like courses and class. Probably the best improvement to the end-user experience is the search feature which searches across all the libraries and gives you a result page where you can preview content and refine your results with tagged information.

This video gives a demonstration of these features using the Student Share.

Downloading of content from courses should also be easier. This video demonstrates downloading for both PC and Mac users.

Contact Mark Eaton or Christina Magnifico in the Office of Medical Education if you have questions or comments about this feature.