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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Upgrading to Windows 10

Before we can recommend whether you should upgrade your device to Windows 10, we need to make sure you won't have issues using the various applications we have in the medical program. These include JayDocs, SharePoint, Office 365, OneNote, and Aperio just to name a few.

Here is what we know today:

LCMS+ who is the vendor for JayDocs has advised us that they are doing some code changes so that JayDocs will work with Microsoft Edge which is the new browser in Windows 10. FireFox and Chrome seem to work okay but there are defaults in Windows 10 that point to Edge so clicking a link in FireFox might force you to Edge. We need to learn more about how this works.

IR temporarily loaned our office a laptop with Windows 10 so that we can see if there are any issues with the various applications used in the medical program. It will take us some time to go through everything. Initially we were able to open JayDocs but we are having issues accessing accounts for the document library and OneNote. We have not yet check Aperio.

It will take some time to work through these.  We will keep everyone up-to-date on what we learn through follow-on blog posts on our MET site (you can access the blog at using the post links in the lower right corner of the screen).

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