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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Windows 10 Evaluation

We used an HP EliteBook laptop with Windows 10, provided by the IR Jayhawk Tech Clinic, to do a surface evaluation of compatibility with the various applications we use in the medical education program. We are using the term "surface" evaluation because we only checked to see if the most common features were usable with Windows 10 and the latest version of IE. There is no guarantee that there are no other issues between the new OS and medical applications.

Consider these findings in deciding whether to upgrade to Windows 10. If you decide to upgrade, schedule it carefully on your calendar so that you avoid scheduling problems with lectures, exams, labs, and assignments should you experience problems later on.


The Webscope viewer for viewing images in a browser works well. We also downloaded and installed ImageScope (also called ScanScope) and it worked equally well.


ClinicalKay is the online resource through the library for Robbins Basic Pathology. Links to the sections in the reference worked fine as well as using the resource at

DICOM Viewer

We successfully downloaded and installed the DICOM viewer and we were able to view radiology images and series.


Currently exams that are delivered by ExamSoft are taken in the library CTC so we did no testing here. The vendor however is prepared to update ExamSoft for Windows 10.


Everything we checked in JayDocs seems to working just fine in Windows 10. We used FireFox and Chrome since JayDocs is not optimized for IE.  LCMS+, the vendor, has advised that they are doing some additional coding to improve compatibility. We think all of the common tasks student normally do in JayDocs will function in Windows 10.


We were able to open LearningSpace using Windows 10 but not able to play videos.  We also had issues playing the Bates videos on Physical Exams though this may be an issue with the older Flash technology used in the videos since we also had issues with other OS systems. Both LearningSpace and videos can be played using library computers and those used in the Clinical Skills Lab.


We did not evaluate Oasis because the vendor advised that they will not be compatible until September.  Oasis is the evaluation system. It is web-based so you can use any computer on campus if you need to.

Office 365 and SharePoint Online

We had no issues working in Office 365 using web apps and OneDrive. Also no issues accessing SharePoint documents.


As you would expect since Windows 10 and OneNote are both Microsoft products, everything we checked in the histopathology lab protocols including links to other resources like the slide tours and Aperio images seems to work just fine.

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