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Monday, January 11, 2016

Summer Electives in a Medical Education Project

March 1, 2016 is the deadline for M1 students to enroll in a summer elective experience. This allows time to process financial aid if needed so start thinking now about what summer elective experience you would be interested in.

In this post we will talk about one of the programs in the summer elective experience - IDSP 800: Medical Education Project. Medical education projects blend medical science, educational technology, and instructional design into a unique learning experience.

The concept of today's OneNote group notebooks on Histopathology, the OneNote lecture notebooks most of you use, and the classes' content knowledge-base in SharePoint were all developed by students from the Class of 2018, faculty, and staff through various medical education projects during the summer of 2015. Other past projects included the Pathology Guidebook, Histology website, Mind Maps, Flashcards, improvements in virtual microscopy, and Histopath videos.

The program is expanding this year to include International Teaching Videos where students will work with residents and faculty to develop short instructional videos for a medical school in Africa based on World Health Organization topics and standards. Other opportunities include updating the histology website, evaluating social networking in medicine, creating OneNote notebook templates for other small group activities, and creating an approach to using ePortfolios.

Interested students may join these projects or propose other ideas for consideration through the summer electives experience. To get started go to the Medical Education Project website. You can also contact Mark Eaton, Ph.D., Program Director for Medical Education Technology in the Office of Medical Education for more information.

Information on other summer elective opportunities outside of the medical education project is available at the School of Medicine M1 Summer Elective Information page.

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