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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Good News Everyone! (Especially OneNote for Mac Users)

Professor Farnsworth

Microsoft has just announced some major changes to OneNote for Mac! While you still don't have the same functionality as OneNote for PC, the changes do allow for better annotations and a more stream-lined experience within the app. 

Some of the major changes include:
  • Insert shapes on Mac
  • Search all OneDrive notebooks on Mac and iOS
  • Publish notebooks publicly on
  • Save emails alongside notes with a personal email filing entity
  • Ability to crop an image in OneNote Online
  • Ability to remove notebooks from the list of OneNote Online notebooks (Great!)
  • OneNote Clipper extension for Firefox and Safari
  • Ability to scan documents (and whiteboard sessions) directly to OneNote with Office Lens
  • iPad Pro: Inking ability in Microsoft O365
  • iPad Pro: Handwriting recognition for OneNote
  • iPad Pro: Shape recognition for OneNote
In order to utilize these new functions, you will need to upgrade your Mac OSX to 10.11.3. When updating, it is always a good idea to contact the Help Desk (8-7995), especially if you are using a KUMC device (M2's).


  1. I notice that none of those major changes include the ability to open .one files. Will this also be addressed?

  2. That is something that Apple itself will need to handle. It's the Mac OS that doesn't recognize .ONE files.

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